Sissel Silencium - Interactive Anti Snoring Solution

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The Sissel Silencium pillow continually monitors the sounds made during sleep and the positioning of the head. When the built-in microphones detect a snore, air chambers (depending on the head’s position) are inflated moving the head, gently and quietly, to another position.

Changing the head’s position increases the distance between the tongue and throat, enlarging the airway and significantly reducing snoring. If this first movement isn’t enough, the Sissel Silencium pillow gently and imperceptibly moves the head little by little, right and left, up and down until the snoring stops or the head finds the position which reduces snoring to a minimum.

The innovative construction of multiple levels of Sissel Silencium with intelligent, silent technology that changes the shape of the pillow but imperceptibly and maximum comfort thanks to the elastic layer viscose provide a pleasant sleep. The Silencium are made of top quality materials with anatomic shape that properly supports the neck and has a convenient substrate for adjusting the height of the pillow . The dimensions of the cushion sleep are 61 x 40 x 7/9 cm and is certified by the medical directive 93/42 / EEC.

Data evaluation showed an average reduction in snoring of 70 % with a maximum reduction of 95%. All the participants confirmed they had enjoyed a more restful and more restorative sleep with less tiredness the following morning after the adjustment period. This anti-snoring solution was consistently described as being simple, comfortable and non-intrusive.

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