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Introduced by Dr Murray Johns in 1991, the Epworth sleepiness scale has been validated primarily in obstructive sleep apnea.

This sleep test is not intended as medical advice. It may be used as a guide. If you think you may have a sleep disorder, contact a physician, regardless of the results of this test.

Click on the checkbox beside each statement that is true for you. If a statement does not apply or is false, simply go on to the next statement. If you make a mistake click the checkbox to remove the checkmark. To have the test scored simply click the button at the end of the test and you'll immediately receive your score. You may print your results and take them to you physician.



1. I have been told that I snore.
2. I have been told that I hold my breath while I sleep.
3. I have high blood pressure.
4. My friends and family say that I'm often grumpy and irritable.
5. I wish I had more energy.
6. I sweat excessively during the night.
7. I have noticed my heart pounding or beating irregularly during the night.
8. I get morning headaches.
9. I suddenly wake-up gasping for breath.
10. I am overweight
11. I seem to be losing my sex drive.
12. I often feel sleepy and struggle to remain alert.
13. I frequently awake with a dry mouth.
14. I have difficulty falling asleep.
15. Thoughts race through my mind and prevent me from sleeping.
16. I anticipate a problem with sleep several times a week.
17. I wake up and cannot go back to sleep.
18. I worry about things and have trouble relaxing.
19. I wake up earlier in the morning than I would like to.
20. I lie awake for half an hour or more before I fall asleep.
21. I often feel sad and depressed.
22. I have trouble concentrating at work or school.
23. When I am angry or surprised, I feel like my muscles are going limp.
24. have fallen asleep while driving.
25. often feel like I am in a daze.
26. I have experienced dreamlike scenes upon falling asleep or awakening.
27. I have fallen asleep in social settings such as movies or at a party.
28. have trouble at work because of sleepiness.
29. I have dreams soon after falling asleep or during naps.
30. I have "sleep attacks" during the day no matter how hard I try to stay awake.
31. I have had episodes of feeling paralyzed during my sleep.
32. I wake up at night with an acid/sour taste in my mouth.
33. I wake up at night coughing or wheezing.
34. I have frequent sore throats.
35. During the night I suddenly wake up feeling like I'm choking
36. Other than when exercising, I experience muscle tension in my legs.
37. I have noticed ( others have commented) that parts of my body jerk during sleep.
38. I have been told that I kick at night.
39. When trying to go to sleep I experience an aching or crawling sensation in my legs.
40. I experience leg pain or cramps at night.
41. Sometimes I can't keep my legs still at night, I just have to move them to feel comfortable.
42. Even though I sleep during the night, I feel sleepy during the day.

This sleep test is not intended as medical advice. If you think you may have a sleep disorder, contact a physician, regardless of the results of this test.

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