Choosing the Right Mask

Choosing the Right Mask
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Getting the right fitted mask is always a challenge to many CPAP user. Having a right mask contribute to the success of your therapy. 

At  Super Medicare,  we believe in taking time to help every of our patient to find the best fitted mask. A few points we have to consider while selecting a mask; Breathing needs, Sleeping Position, Face structure, Comfort Level and last, Budget.

Nasal Pillow Mask  
Are one the lightest mask type, with the pressurized air flow direct to your nostrils through two soft nasal cushion tubes that sit right at the tip of your nostrils, secured by straps that go around the head.
  • provide the freedom for active sleeper
  • able to read or watch tv with this mask 
  • ideal for claustrophobia user
  • may not be ideal for patients that require high flow pressure
  • not ideal for mouth breather


Nasal Mask 

Always come in a triangle cushion that covers the only nose area and a forehead pad to hold the headgear.

  • more natural feel of pressurized air flow compare to nasal pillow mask 
  • feel more secure on the face
  • different cushion size to fit different nose size
  • ideal for high pressure user
  • may leave some red marking on face the next morning

Full Face Mask 

It is very similar to Nasal mask, it has a bigger triangle cushion than covers the nose and mouth. With forehead pad and headgear to secure the mask on your face.

  • ideal for mouth breather
  • ideal for higher pressure demand user
  • higher chance of  mask leak due to a larger surface to seal
  • may have some difficulty to read or watch tv 
  • may leave some red marking on face in the morning


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